Palomine Lines Testimonials | BioThane dog leash reviews, custom BioThane training leads, made in USA BioThane leashes
"We LOVE our Palomine lines! We use the 10ft long training lines, 15ft leashes, and our custom ordered leashes for our pack walks every day. They have made walking 6 dogs at once easier plus they are so simple to clean with wipes. No matter what width, they are all extremely durable so I know they will last a long time. Thank you for your wonderful leashes!" -Paul and Nora O., Owners, The Natural Dog

Palomine Lines Testimonials | the best dog leash for trainers, high quality dog training leash, durable non leather leash
Here's a fun photo of my dog bringing a puppy in on a Palomine Line. My colleagues and I (dog trainers in the San Francisco bay area) all use and recommend your long lines for off- leash training…. I see my clients with them in subsequent sessions, or run into them at the beach working with their puppies, and I come away thrilled they've followed up and purchased your lines.  Thanks for creating such an excellent product! - Mac

Palomine Lines Testimonials | strong leash for dog training, antimicrobial dog leashes, non-toxic dog training lines
We are a little over a month into our Palomine Line usage.  Let me tell you, this is an amazing product!  It has surpassed every expectation that we had!  I am confident in this piece of equipment.  It is nice to feel secure in the knowledge that our deaf foster dog has been leashed up to something so solid and trustworthy.  Her safety while running trumps all. Thank you!!!! - Carolyn K.

Palomine Lines Testimonials | tracking line dog leash, long line dog leads, BioThane dog training leashes
Love the new leads and FAST service!

Here is a picture of Apple the Akita (Nakodo's Deja Vu NW1) doing a trial nose work search on her 3/8" wine long line - Judith K.

I wanted to let you know how much I like Palomine Lines!  I recommend them to all my students and acquaintances who have need of a long line. I do truffle hunting in the wet Pacific Northwest and since these lines don't absorb water they are terrific! Easy to use with or without gloves. The bright colors help keep me from losing them. Terrific product! - Jeannine M., KPA-CTP, Pacific Truffle and Scent Dogs

Palomine Lines Testimonials | low maintenance dog leashes, custom made BioThane leash, heavy duty dog training leashes
I can't believe how fast this came!
We tested out our new 15-foot coated rope on a foggy Maine beach. Here's Caoimhe trying to catch a seagull!

We'll definitely be purchasing more from Palomine! - Cortnie C.

Palomine Lines Testimonials | strong leash for hunting dog, made to order BioThane dog leads, American made dog training line
The long line has been amazing. I have it coiled comfortably on my hand when Piper is walking close; it's strong enough to keep her at the end of 30ft; and durable and flexible for her to trail when we're in a field hunting mice. - Joanna S.

Palomine Lines Testimonials | tracking trial training leash, custom made dog competition lines, high quality custom made dog leash
I love my 1/2" 40-ft Blue Palomine Line.  I use it for training for Tracking Trials with my two Weimaraners. We track in open fields and I am impressed that the line does not become tangled in the long grass even when it is wet. It is so light and is gentle on my hands. I have recommended it to all of my fellow trackers.  Thank you so much for a wonderful product! - Jo T., South Africa