Palomine Lines BioThane dog leashes and long lines

Welcome to Palomine Lines

--Charla H, Co-Founder.

The original Palomine Line was made after I started tracking in the high desert of New Mexico.  Cactus thorns, grass burrs, and pine needles were attracted to my old tracking line. After a bit of research, my husband and I found BioThane®coated webbing, made here in the USA. 

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  • My colleagues and I (dog trainers in the San Francisco bay area) all use and recommend your long lines for off- leash training….


  • I wanted to let you know how much I like Palomine Lines!  I recommend them to all my students and acquaintances who have need of a long line.

    Jeannine M., KPA-CTP, Pacific Truffle and Scent Dogs

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Palomine Lines BioThane dog leashes and long lines

"All that daily trekking—in the elements, through muddy terrain—can quickly cause your leash to collect dirt, debris and mildew. Enter Palomine Lines, which are made from biothane. Milwaukee-based Mindy Waite, Ph.D., a certified dog behaviorist at Senior Tail Waggers, hails this leash for its easy cleaning, moisture-wicking prowess and weightless construction. “They are also stain- and odor-resistant, and they fit nicely in your hand if you need to hold the leash in certain ways for dogs who pull,” she says. The leash comes in multiple widths and clips to correspond with your dog’s size."

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