Palomine Lines Customization

Palomine Lines has been making custom dog leashes and long lines since 2008.  If you are unable to find the leash or long line you want from our website, you can order one customized just for you and your dog!  This article discusses some of the ways we have customized Palomine Lines for our customers. 

The most common customization is line length.  We have made tabs as short as one foot and lines as long as 100 feet. Tabs are made without a loop handle and can then be trimmed by the customer to fit the height of his or her dog.  Tabs are useful when training a dog to stay, send away, or retrieve in obedience exercises.  Extreme long lines are used for training a herding dog and hiking in open fields.

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Slip leads are often requested and can be made with or without stops, small tabs that limit the open size of the collar.  Generally five or six feet in length, they are used for quick transfers and in obedience.

We also make convertible leads, also known as service leads or European leads.  They are five or six feet long, have bolt snaps (clasps) on both ends of the lead, and have three stationary o-rings along the length of the line.  By clipping the bolt snaps to different o-rings, a dog handler can make a handle, wear the lead over one shoulder, or around the waist to walk a dog hands-free, or shorten the lead by half. Each change can be made while the dog remains leashed.

Another popular customization is a floating o-ring in the handle.  This allows the handler to clip the snap to the o-ring and wear the lead around the waist or over the shoulder while working with a dog off-lead.

Distance markers are available on long lines of 20-ft or longer, for tracking.  For shorter leashes and lines, customization of distance markers or rivet decorations can be made.  Measuring from the snap, rivet(s) can be placed along the line to a customer's specification.

We have also made temporary tethers, short lines with bolt snaps on each end.  Customers attach one snap to the luggage clip in the cargo area (we call it the "way-back") of an SUV and the other to the dog's harness.  The dog is then unable to jump out the moment the lift gate is opened.  One customer has mentioned several times that it really gives her peace of mind when she has to take her dog to the vet at a very busy intersection.  Keep in mind that measurements must be taken very carefully in order to keep your dog--nose, tail, and feet--clear when opening or closing the lift gate.

These are just a few of the ways we have customized our customers' lines.  There are any number of ways we can customize one for you.  Simply email us with instructions for your customized Palomine Line!  We'll send you an invoice that can be paid online.

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